Adding a new employee into the Maxwell Portal is easy -- simply follow the steps detailed below. The new hire processing will vary, both from carrier to carrier, and group to group. Please see Enrollment Process to learn more.  


Please Note: You'll need to communicate with your insurance broker (or third party administrator) about who will be responsible for each of the tasks in the following guide!

Follow these steps to add a new hire:


On "Your Team" page (A), click "Add Employee" (B).  



The required fields are Name, E-mail, and Employment Start Date. 

Any other information needed for enrollment purposes that is not filled in by an HR administrator or broker will be filled in by the employee when they first log in to enroll.

*Please note: If you have broker access you will be able to override the system and move forward without completing all of the required information. For more information on setting permission levels, click here.

Under Employment Information, you can designate the specific "Group" for this employee.  

For more information on Groups, click here.

The next step is "Compensation". We do not require this information unless the employer is offering a salary-dependent product.

If that is the case and compensation information is not entered here, employees will be prompted to provide that when they log in and enroll in that salary-dependent benefit.   

Under "Documents" you can submit any documents from this list for the employee to review or approve* (A), or upload a new document for this specific employee by clicking "Upload New Document" (B).  

*Documents that appear as options here are managed under Forms & Documents,  click here to learn more.

To select a document to submit, simply click on that document, and a green checkmark will appear. 

The last step is "Finalize", which will send out a welcome email to that new hire notify them that they're set up in the system and provide them with a login and enrollment instructions.  


When you click "Finalize", the default welcome email will pop up for you to send. 


You can make any necessary edits here before clicking "Send".


(Learn how to change which email template automatically pops up at this stage by  clicking here).


The system will open enrollment for that employee for 30 days (by default) from the date the employee was created.