Below is a general overview of the different sections within the left hand navigation of your MyMaxwell portal.

    Your Team 

    Your Team page essentially serves as your census, and houses all your employee information. Anything you need to do related to a specific employee can be done through here. This is where you would go to add a new hire, terminate an employee, edit employee demographic information, etc. 



    Here, you can manage everything related to open enrollments, whether that be an annual open enrollment, or a new hire open enrollment.


    Use this tab to send emails to employees, manage email templates, and view a communication log of all emails sent from the portal. 


    Forms & Documents

      Here, you can upload and send forms and documents for electronic review or signature. 



      This is your reporting dashboard, which you can use to run and download payroll reports and product reports, as well as schedule recurring reports. 


      This serves as a database of all of your plans and other offerings, including the rewards store. Here, you can view and edit plan details, product availability, and contribution information. 



      This houses all of your company information, as well as the Lockbox, which is our secure document storage in the cloud.