Groups allow you to break your employees up into different groups, whether that be by location, division, tier (i.e. Executive, Manager, Part-Time), etc. This gives you the ability set plan availability or contribution amounts on a per group basis.

To view groups click on "Groups" under the "Your Team" section of the lefthand navigation.

By default, all new employees added will be in the "All Employees" group, however when you add a new hire, you can select which group you want to assign them to. 

To edit the name of the group click "Edit" (A). To remove a group click "Remove" (B), and to view the members of a particular group, click "View Members" (C).

To add a new group, click "Add Group".

Give the new group a name (A), and click "Create Group" (B).

To add an existing employee to a specific group, click into that employee from "Your Team" page.

Under Employment Information, select the group you would like to assign that employee to from the drop-down (A), and click "Save" (B).