Maxwell Health system sends out email notifications when there is:

  • A new employee added

  • An employee terminated

  • An employee demographic change (initiated by employee or administrator)

  • An employee address change (initiated by employee or administrator)

  • An employee dependent change (initiated by employee or administrator)

  • An employee compensation change

  • A qualifying event request

  • A product selection confirmed by employee *Please note, notifications will not be sent until employee confirms their selections

  • A form signed (by employee or employer)

To change (or set) recipients for each of these notifications, follow the below steps: 

Click the "Settings" on the lefthand navigation (A), and click on the "Notifications" tab (B).

The first field, reply to address, determines the return email address that employees will see when they receive an email from the portal. 

By default it will be set as the master administrator's email address.  

There are two different types of notifications: change notifications (1), and requests for help (2).

1) Change notifications are sent via email to the designated recipient when any of the below changes occur in the portal:
  • Adding new employees
  • Terminating employees
  • Compensation change
  • Qualifying event
  • Product confirmation
  • Form signed
  • Reward redemption *This should always be set to "Maxwell Health"

The "Designated Contact for Requests for Help" drop-down will determine whose contact information the employee will see in their "Get Help" pop-up (A).

To change the recipient for each notification, click into that field, and select the desired contact to add them to the notifications list (B). You are able to add multiple recipients for each change notification.   

2) "Request For Help" notifications determine who will receive the help request when the employee submits a request for help through their enrollment portal.  

Set specific recipients for each different type of help request by clicking into that field, and selecting them from the drop-down. 

*Please note, if you are using Health Advocate as your concierge service, each of these should be set to "Advocate"

After any changes have been made, click "Save".