Permissions allow you to set different levels of access for administrators in the system.

Please note, this is a broker only option.  If you cannot see the yellow "Broker Only" buttons in the portal, you do not have the necessary permission level to access this feature.  Please contact your advisor for more information. 

Click into the "Settings" under the "Company" section of the left hand navigation (A), and click on the "Administrators" tab (B).


Click the yellow "Set Permissions" button for the administrator you which to set permission levels for. 

On the "Set Permissions" pop up, a 1 indicates that the specific feature is made available, or enabled, for that administrator.  A 0 indicates that the feature is hidden.  

Enter a 1 or 0 for each feature to determine permission level, then click "Save".

The default permission levels will have all features enabled.  Administrators who do not have "broker_tools" enabled, will not be able to change any product information or settings, and will only be able to change limited fields with in the employee census, or "Your Team", page.