The Enrollment Dashboard allows you to track any employee who is in any sort of open enrollment. You can also send reminders at each step along the way, and set annual open enrollment dates. 

To get to the Enrollment Dashboard, under the "Enrollment" section of the left hand navigation, click "Enrollment Dashboard".

Here, you can see the status of each product for each employee. 

When you click into an employee you can see a more detailed breakdown of their progress, including deadlines.

To send reminder emails to employees at each step of the process, click the "@" symbol to the right of the step. 

Annual open enrollment periods can be set at the top of the dashboard.

You can set open enrollment dates per product, or for all products, by selecting an option from the drop-down.

Enter in start and end dates (A), click "Required" (B), and then click "Set" (C).

Overview of enrollment statuses:

If "Open" column says "Started", that means that a product is open for enrollment.

When employees log in and start selecting plans, the "Selected" column will say "Started".

At the end of their enrollment, employees will confirm their selections, and statuses for "Open", "Selected", and "Confirmed", will all turn to green check marks.

 Once employees have confirmed their selections, election information will need to be submitted to the carriers. Once information has been submitted (if we do not have direct connectivity to the carrier) employees' status will need to be manually changed from "Confirmed" to "Submitted".  

If there are any required forms, once they are submitted to employees for review and electronic signature, the "Signed" column will display the number of forms completed over the total number submitted.

When you receive confirmation from the carrier that those enrollments have been processed, employees' statuses will need to be changed from "Submitted" to "Enrolled".