When you send emails through the Maxwell portal, you have the option of selecting from a drop-down of email templates. Every portal will have a set of generic email templates added, but you can edit, create, and manage email templates by following the below steps:

Under the "Communication" tab on the lefthand navigation, click "Email Templates".

To create a new email template, click "Create Template".

Give the New Template a name (A). You can select a base template to start with from the drop-down, or start with a blank template, and click "Save" (B).

To edit or remove an already existing template, select the template you wish to edit/remove from the "Select a template" drop-down. 

To edit the template, make any changes to the subject or body text of the email (A), and click "Save Template" (B).

To remove a template, click "Remove Template"  

Any template that you create or customize will appear under the Employer Specific Templates.