Maxwell Bulletin: Brand new Maxwell infographic & 60-second pitch


Welcome to this week's bulletin. As a reminder, this email is a quick way for us to let our broker partners know about significant product or sales updates. We have a treat for you this week! All of the below documents can be found on the Marketing and Sales Resources page of the broker site. Add it to your Favorites if you haven't already! 


What's new:

  • Our team has been hard at work on an awesome infographic that serves as a visual overview of Maxwell for you to use with your team in-house, your clients, or prospects. That can be downloaded here (right-click "Save As" and save it as a .pdf).
  • We've also bundled that one-pager with some of the features information from our homepage. That 3-page PDF is here.
  • Finally, we've added a "60-second pitch" to your resources page. Think of this as an elevator pitch to easily and succinctly describe Maxwell.

Don't forget:

  • is your home for everything around training, bringing on new groups, marketing/sales materials, feature releases, and more. 
  • You can always access the customer presentation here (save it to your Favorites for easy access) and in PDF format here
  • This is the best video to show customers or prospects (5:16 long)

Feel free to reply to this email with any questions, ideas, or comments you have, whether it's related to this update or otherwise. As you know, we're happy to help in any way that we can.


On behalf of the whole Maxwell team, thank you for being an awesome partner, and have a nice Friday!