Maxwell Bulletin: New resources on broker site + updated screenshots


Welcome to this week's broker bulletin! Happy Friday - hope you've had a great week. A couple updates:

    • New resources on broker site: We've added our branding guidelines document to This explains how to use our logo, brand identity, and includes the hex codes for our brand colors in case you are using any of those in your own marketing. We've also added a page delineating how consolidated billing works within Maxwell, which is here.
    • Deck updates: We've added some awesome new mobile screenshots to the presentation deck for employers, showing the fitness tracking / challenges / leaderboard part of the app. Also updated the screenshot on slide 32 (used to be rewards) to more accurately reflect the copy on that slide.
    • Messaging/copy change: We've adjusted the language on our vision from "fix health care in America" to "transform health care in America". You'll see that change updated in the customer presentation deck.

As a reminder:

    • The broker site, with all sales and marketing resources, as well as info on the implementation process for new groups, is at
    • The password for that site is Getmymaxwell! (please note the capital 'G' and exclamation point)
    • We're holding weekly demo webinars of the product for brokers andfor your prospects or clients. Click on either of those links to register.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the above or otherwise, and have a lovely spring weekend!