A few quick updates:

  • We've added a new resource to the Marketing Resources page on thebroker site. It's a generic version of Your Broker + Maxwell vs. Zenefits. For those of you selling against Zenefits in your market, we're happy to create a co-branded version of this document for you. Request one by emailing me directly (sara@maxwellhealth.com).
  • We put out a new version of the MyMaxwell portal! You can see updates of that release here, including screenshots.
  • We're looking for case study candidates! These are awesome marketing resources for your firm and require very little work from you (see examples here and here). If you have a group that would be willing to be the subject of a case study, email me.


  • This is your best sales tool - bookmark it! 5 minute demo video
  • You can find sales and marketing resources, details on the implementation process for new groups, and other pertinent information about our partnership on the Broker Site (password is Getmymaxwell!)
  • This week's demo webinars are both on Wednesday: for employers at 11am EST and for brokers at 2pm EST.
  • Previous bulletins are available here if you'd like to get caught up.

Let me know if you have any other questions!