Welcome to this week's Maxwell broker bulletin. As a reminder, all sales and marketing resources, details on the implementation process for new groups, and info on employer and broker demo webinars are on the Broker Site (password is Getmymaxwell!)


Today's updates:

  • Pricing info for single-tenant EDI connections with carriers is updated on this page
  • TPA partners page now includes Discovery Benefits, who we'll be working with alongside ConnectYourCare
  • More details on 401(k) election and enrollment on Maxwell are here
  • We're excited to reveal some of our initial platform partners, including Doctor on Demand for telemedicine (those pages will be further updated, including pricing info, as we finalize the partnerships)
  • There was a product release since our last bulletin - see details here
  • Check out the shiny new infographic titled The Intersection of Health & Mobile on our Sales and Marketing Resources page - a great piece to send when there are questions around our wellness and mobile strategy


      Let me know if you have any other questions!