Welcome to this week's Maxwell partner bulletin. As a reminder, all sales and marketing resources, details on the implementation process for new groups, and info on employer and partner demo webinars are on thePartner Resource Site (password is Getmymaxwell!)


Today's updates:

  • We've finalized pricing for single-tenant EDI... and we're happy to report it will be FREE for our partners! A few things to keep in mind on single vs. multi-tenant EDI are listed here.
  • If you have groups that you'd like to set up EDI for, please get in touch with your Account Manager to begin that process.
  • Want to know what's new and improved in version 5 of the Maxwell platform? Read through the document linked on this page (or clickhere).
  • We're officially announcing version 5 and our featured roll-out partners next week, but you can get a sneak peek at them in ourPartner Directory, including information on the employee experience, pricing, and your margin (on applicable products/services).
  • Added a revised Maxwell Team Roles & Responsibilities document to the resource site here.


    • This is your best sales tool - bookmark it! 5 minute demo video
    • Next week's demo webinar for employer clients or prospects is Wednesday, 7/16 at 2pm EST. Next week's demo webinar for partners is Thursday, 7/17 at 11am EST. 
    • Previous bulletins are available here if you'd like to get caught up.