Welcome to this week's Maxwell partner bulletin. As a reminder, all sales and marketing resources, details on the implementation process for new groups, and info on employer and partner demo webinars are on partners.maxwellhealth.com (password is Getmymaxwell!)


Please remember that the Partner Site page URLs should not be shared with clients and/or prospects. If you need to share any information included on the Partner Site externally, please use the PDFs that are linked at the bottom of each article.


Important: demo environment URLs are changing!

  • Previously, the demo URLs were structured as follows: Advisor: demo.advisor.maxwellhealth.com/advisor/login
  • Administrator: demo.hr.maxwellhealth.com/hr/login
  • Member: demo.member.maxwellhealth.com/member/login
  • Going forward, you must use the following URLs to log in to your demo portals: Advisor: demo-app.maxwellhealth.com/advisor/login
  • Administrator: demo-app.maxwellhealth.com/hr/login
  • Member: demo-app.maxwellhealth.com/member/login
  • Please re-bookmark the above URLs to be sure you have the correct URL going forward. The old URLs will re-direct automatically to the new URLs, but only for a limited period of time. Please note that your login credentials will remain the same.
  • If you do not have login credentials for our demo environment or you aren't sure if you do, please contact your Sales Director. 

Other updates:

  • You can now access our training deck on the Training Overview Page (available under "Onboarding with Maxwell" --> "Training Overview")
  • Updated our HR Tools document to reflect upcoming product functionality
  • Updated the Individual Marketplace Options document to reflect our upcoming integration with Quotit


  • We have weekly demo webinars for your team, and for your clients and prospects! Register here: employer clients or prospects or partners.
  • Previous bulletins are available here if you'd like to get caught up.