The Manage Reports tool lets you:

  • Assign which reports you’d like to make available for use by the administrators of your groups.

  • Generate reports that will pull information on one or more of your employers.

  • View the status of a report you generated, and download reports when complete.

Access all of this functionality by clicking Manage Reports on the sidebar of your advisor portal.


Assign reports

The Assign Reports tool lets you
 determine which of the system or custom reports are made available as the standard set of reports all of your employers can run from their administrator portals. Read a step-by-step overview of this functionality.

Manage Reports > Assign Reports


Generate reports


The Generate Reports tool lets you select a report to download information on one or more of your employers. There are different types of reports and filter options you’ll be able to set for each. For more information, learn how to run a report, and read more details about our most commonly used reports. 

Manage Reports > Generate Reports

View report results

The Report Results tool lets you view all of the reports you have ever run, whether completed and available for download, or pending. Here, you can download completed reports, as well as view information about the report, including the date and time the report was run, and for which employers.

Manage Reports > Report Results



  • Reports run by an advisor are nearly identical in format and information included to reports run by an administrator. The only difference in report format for advisors is the first column of any report will be “Employer Name." This column will not appear in reports run by administrators.

  • The amount of functionality available to advisors depends on the type of advisor.

    • Master Advisors can:

      • Run and view reports for all of their employers.

      • View report results for reports run by any advisor on their team.

    • Standard Advisors can:

      • Run and view reports for employers they have access to manage.

      • Only view report results for reports they have run themselves.