Paylocity develops industry-leading, cloud-based payroll software solutions for medium-sized organizations. Their comprehensive and easy-to-use solutions enable their clients to manage their workforces more effectively.

Maxwell Health’s integration with the Paylocity payroll product automatically updates all benefit deduction amounts in your Paylocity payroll system. This integration generates a pre-formatted Paylocity deduction file, encrypts it, and delivers it to Paylocity. You’ll decide when you want this sync to occur by choosing a recurring set number of days in advance of each paycheck date.

How the integration works

If you’re an authorized Paylocity client, this integration can handle any benefit you choose—you'll just need to make sure each product’s deduction code(s) exist in both your Maxwell Health and Paylocity portals.

Once the integration is set up and turned on, it will generate a deduction file from Maxwell Health each time it runs, and automatically send it to Paylocity to update deduction amounts​. The first deduction file includes information on all currently enrolled products with a deduction code. The deduction files that are then sent on an ongoing basis includes only any changes to the first sent file, including end dates for products that have been terminated and have an end date between the last paycheck date and the next one. This will let Paylocity know when to stop the deduction for a product. If you’d like to see a sample deduction file, please reach out to your Maxwell Health Account Manager.

Once Paylocity has finished updating the deduction file, they’ll notify you that an incoming sync has happened. At this point, you’ll be able to review the information in your Paylocity portal and make any necessary adjustments to the file manually before accepting or rejecting the deduction changes. ​

View a status of your syncs, a record of every sync that has occurred, and download generated deduction files from any syncs that have already been sent in the integration log. The log can be found in your administrator portal under Settings > Integrations > Paylocity under Current Integrations tab > Details > Log (see screenshot below).    

If there's an error with the sync, you'll be sent a notification that will take you to integration log, where you can inspect the error. ​You can manually generate an integration sync at any time by clicking Sync, however, this is not recommended.


Paylocity charges a one-time $350 setup fee for the integration, as well as an ongoing $10 fee for each automatic sync. How often you pay the $10 fee is based on your company's paycheck dates. For example, if your paycheck dates are set up on a monthly basis, your company will make twelve $10 payments for the year.

Get started

If you are using the Paylocity integration, it will be added and turned on by the Maxwell Health team. Read details on the setup process.

Please note that the steps for setting up the integration vary slightly based on the deployment status of your Maxwell Health portal. If your Maxwell Health portal hasn’t yet gone live, setting up the integration follows a separate timeline than your Maxwell Health portal implementation. But setting up your integration won’t delay your portal from going live. It just means that your integration may go live after your portal does.


  • The integration only sends deduction information for currently enrolled products. If your employees have any pending elections, deductions and costs will not be included in this file until those elections have been processed.

  • The scope of information captured in each deduction file depends on your company’s payroll schedule. Each deduction file only contains information that was recorded:

    • 60 days prior to the sync date to 7 days after the sync date, if you have weekly payroll.

    • 60 days prior to the sync date to 14 days after the sync date, if you have biweekly payroll.

    • 60 days prior to the sync date to 15 days after the sync date, if you have semi-monthly payroll.

    • 60 days prior to the sync date to 30 days after the sync date, if you have monthly payroll.


For technical questions about the Maxwell Health + Paylocity integration,  please contact Maxwell Customer Support at or (866) 629-7445. For more general questions about the Maxwell Health + Paylocity integration, please contact your advisor and/or your Maxwell Health Account Manager. For any questions or errors with Paylocity, please contact your Paylocity representative.