The Manage ACA tool will help you meet the compliance requirements of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate by leveraging your employees’ existing demographic and benefits data already stored in the Maxwell Health system.


In this article, you’ll learn about the ACA-relevant data stored in your Maxwell portal, and how to send it outside of the Maxwell Health system. This will be most relevant if you are subject to the ACA employer mandate, which generally means you have over 50 employees. For more general information, read an overview of the Manage ACA tool.



The Maxwell Health ACA Package


The Maxwell Health ACA Package, available through the Manage ACA tool, is a zip file containing a data extract and a PDF.

  • The data extract contains all of the employer mandate-relevant information within your Maxwell portal, including:

    • employer information

    • employee and dependent current demographic information

    • employee and dependent medical product information 

  • The PDF is a universal Maxwell Health document that includes:

    • instructions on interpreting the data extract

    • descriptions of where within the IRS forms the information from the extract is useful

    • a comprehensive data dictionary allowing any reader, including those not familiar with the Maxwell Health system, to successfully interpret the data fields

    • a list of data limitations

For more information,
read the PDF: About the Maxwell Health ACA Data Extract 
and see an example data extract.


Send the Maxwell Health ACA Package


Follow these steps to send your ACA-relevant outside of the Maxwell Health system.


  1. Click Manage ACA on the sidebar of your advisor portal.

  2. Scroll to the Send ACA Package section.

  3. Choose an employer from the drop-down and enter the email address where you want to send that employer's ACA Package in the Send To: field. How the email will look once it’s sent is described later.

    • If you are working with one of our compliance partners, BenefitScape or ACA Reporting Service, their emails are listed in the drop-down. Only send these partners the ACA Package if you have previously contacted them, have a contract in place, and a plan to receive the data.

    • You can only enter one email address in the Send To: and CC: fields. You can send the data extract as many times as you’d like, so if you need to send it to multiple people, you can send it to one person right after the other. You just can’t send it to several people at once.

    • If you’d like to view the data extract before sending it to another party, we advise you to enter your own email address in the Send To: field. That way, you can review it before going back to the Manage ACA tool and sending it to a third party.

  4. The CC: field is defaulted to copy your email address.

    • We strongly recommend you keep yourself copied on the email, as then you can search your email to retrieve the ACA Package at any given time.

    • You can uncheck the Copy Me box and enter another email address in this field. Again, only one email address can be entered at a time.

  5. Click Send via Secure Mail.

  6. You will see a pop-up confirming that the ACA Package was sent successfully.


  7. Those listed in the Send To: and CC: fields will receive an email with the subject: “[Secure Message] Maxwell Health ACA Package from [Your Employer’s Name].” It will be from Maxwell Health (, and addressed to the recipient. The email security is powered by Sendinc, which is HIPAA-compliant.

  8. Click View Secure Message to read the email.

  9. Create a SendInc account if you don’t have one already. Creating an account is straightforward, and there’s nothing to purchase, install, or configure.

  10. View the message, and download the ACA Package by clicking the zip file.


  11. Check your downloads. The Maxwell Health ACA Package zip file will have the data extract and corresponding PDF within it. Open and read the files.

    • If you haven’t already, we recommend reading the About the Maxwell Health ACA Data Extract PDF before opening the data extract, as it will help you interpret the information provided.