We love adding new features to the Maxwell Health platform. But we also know it’s important to look at existing ones and ask how we can make them better for you. We did just that, and the result? A more intuitive Administrator navigation and an improved employee experience. These updates will be live in Maxwell Health later this week, on Thursday, May 5th.

Note: A version of this article will be posted to the Admin Knowledge Base when we announce these changes to HR Administrators on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Quickly navigate through Maxwell

Navigating through Maxwell is easier than ever with our updated look and intuitive design. The functionality is the same, just reorganized in a way that will allow you to tackle your to-do list faster. Now, you and your clients can spend less time looking for your tools in Maxwell and get back to engaging with your employees.

Here’s a quick video so you can see the new navigation in action before you and your clients can see it for yourself on Thursday:


Note: As part of the improved navigation, we’ve changed our internal processes and retired our Manage Tasks tool.

Add and search for an employee at lightning speed

We know you and your clients are busy and don’t always have time for that extra click. That’s why we’ve added a convenient Quick Add button to the Dashboard so you can add an employee as soon as you log into Maxwell. We also made the persistent search bar more visible so you can look up an employee from wherever you are.

Employee account access during changes

We heard your feedback and improved the employee changes workflow. Now, employees can view their account while waiting for you or the Administrator to make or approve a change.

  • When an employee requests a change (or the Administrator requests a change that the employee can see, i.e. marriage), they will now see a helpful event bar the next time they log into Maxwell. They can also review their cart and update their personal information while they’re in this change.  

  • If the Administrator requests a change that the employee cannot request themselves (i.e. change of compensation), the employee will see the same event bar with different messaging. This is helpful as an FYI to the employee, who won’t be able to update their information at this time.  

  • The employee cannot shop for or check out with products if they are in a change (other than the event of a new hire or rehire).  

For more information, check out "About Employee Changes and QLEs in Maxwell." This article includes which changes are visible to the Administrator vs. the employee.

Improved employee login experience

Tweaks to the employee set and reset password experience will make it easier for employees to log into their account (without having to contact you or your clients with questions!). 

  • Employees now only need to enter an email address when resetting their password.
  • Instructional information will give employees confidence that an email was sent.
  • That email, by the way, has been redesigned to be more helpful and to the point.

  • Coming soon

    We’re hard at work on some big projects and want to give you a quick look at what’s coming down the pipe. Read all about our upcoming product enhancements here. We’ll have more to share on this soon!

    Want to dive deeper into these changes? Our incredibly knowledgeable Product Specialists are hosting a webinar about this release on Wed, May 11th at 2 p.m. EST. Sign up now!

    Questions? Just ask! Reach out to your Maxwell Account Manager, or our Customer Support Team at support@maxwellhealth.com.