Selecting benefits during annual open enrollment or as a new hire can be stressful. Overwhelming plan summaries and an abundance of choice can lead to major confusion, fast. But selecting benefits is one of the most important decisions an individual will make in a given year. There’s no time for stress and confusion.

That’s why we’ve added side-by-side plan comparison for medical, dental, and vision plans, and improved the checkout experience in Maxwell. Here’s how it works.

Compare plans side by side

When an employee views their medical, dental, and vision products, they’ll select their coverage level, and can choose two or three plans to compare side by side at once. They just need to check the boxes for each plan and click Compare

Once in the side-by-side view, employees can educate themselves on the key differences such as monthly costs, deductibles, and copays. Plan costs will update real-time based on the selected individuals to cover.

BONUS: Check out this decision support one-pager, which you can share with employers you’re looking to bring onto Maxwell.

Note: With side-by-side comparison being a superior form of decision support, we have retired product tags.

A better checkout experience

We’ve improved the checkout experience so it’s clear to employees when they’re done shopping and prompts them to complete any required forms. The biggest changes are highlighted below.

  • After employees click Submit Enrollment, they’ll see the following message:

  • Once they click OK, they’ll be brought to their pending benefits summary page per usual. There’s new text letting them know their selections have been submitted and (if applicable) they have one or more forms to complete and sign:

We hope this improves the shopping experience for your employees, and they feel confident when they select their benefits using Maxwell! Better yet, we hope these features result in you spending less time guiding an employee through their open enrollment and explaining the differences between plans.

If you have any questions, reach out to your Maxwell Account Manager, or our Customer Support Team at