Your thoughts and suggestions have already helped us improve the recently released side-by-side plan comparison feature. Here’s what’s changed as of today:

Workflow now more consistent with shopping for financial, ancillary, and other products

We revised the side-by-side comparison workflow for medical, dental, and vision products. Now, it's more in line with shopping for other products. With this change:

  • Employees will no longer select their coverage level and then select a plan. They will first select which plans they want to compare. Then, (like before) they can click on the names of different family members to see the differences between the plans for each coverage level.

  • If the employee chooses not to compare plans, they simply click on the tile of the product they want to select, add it to their cart, and select their coverage level. This is the same workflow for all products.

Waived products no longer display cost

The cost no longer displays on the product tile for any medical, dental, and vision products that the employee has waived. Now, it will be even more clear to the employee that they’ve waived this product.

If you have any questions, reach out to your Maxwell Account Manager, or our Customer Support Team at