We know it’s crucial for you to find and makes changes to employee information and products fast. That’s why we’re bringing you an improved employee profile screen and changes workflow! This release was focused on making your everyday tasks as user-friendly as possible. These changes are now available in all employer portals.

The recorded webinar above pretty much sums it up, but here's a quick text overview:

Easily find employee information

  • Now, only the most important information is surfaced on the employee profile. Scan the screen and get to what you need quickly.

  • New status bar displays when the employee last logged in and their most recent change

  • Consolidated buttons into a new “Options” drop-down
  • Added little touches make life easier. Age is now displayed as well as the date of birth, and tooltips let you know exactly what you’re looking at.
Product information more consumable
  • Reorganized the “Enrolled Products” tab (previously known as “Enrolled”) to display waived products as their own subset. Products are also now arranged by product type.

  • You can now delete or terminate an enrolled product by clicking Options right on the product tile. All product tiles also display both the employee and covered dependents, color-coded by role.

  • New status bar in the “Eligible Products” tab (formerly known as the “Open Enrollment” page) allows you to view and filter by product status. These products are also now arranged by product type.

  • More transparency into election info with text explaining fields and suggesting next steps. Both eligible and enrolled products now display an indicator if there’s an EDI connection (and explain what that means!). “Coverage History” tells you which products employees have on the “Enrolled Products” tab.

  • Have products with an EDI connection? We made the workflow for EDI products consistent with those without an EDI connection. You can now choose to process EDI products like you would other products. Want to stick with your current process? You can also continue to wait and let the EDI feed process products for you.

Note: The individual employee "Forms" and "View Employee Changes" tabs are no longer displayed. We’re currently working on a better way to display information about forms and changes on the employee profile screen. You can still send and check on employees’ forms by going to Tools > Forms > Process Forms (learn more about forms here). You can also still view employee changes by running a Change Report for your all employees. To do this, go to Tools > Reports > Change Report (learn more about Change Report here).

Increased validation to ensure high-quality data is entered

With these changes, clean and useful data will be entered into Maxwell from the beginning, so errors don’t need to be corrected later on.
  • To prevent inaccurate information, you can no longer delete a dependent from the employee's profile if that dependent is currently covered on a plan. A pop-up will ask you to first remove the dependent as a covered individual on the product.
  • New validation on product screens stops you from taking actions that would result in incorrect information. Example: enrolling an employee in two medical products with the same effective dates.

Streamlined workflow to make and approve changes
  • Clearly see how the change was requested (by employee or HR Admin) as well as the reason and date

  • The status of employee changes and the required next steps to continue are prominently displayed

Reach out to your Maxwell Health Account Manager or our Customer Support Team at support@maxwellhealth.com.