Here at Maxwell, we consider it our mission to help you have a successful open enrollment season. We know that, especially over the next few months, every minute is precious and you don’t have time to waste. That’s why we’ve streamlined the renewals workflow, making it easy to take your existing employer clients into 2017!

Let’s jump right in.

Streamlined renewals workflow

There are four main steps to set up your renewal:

  1. Kick off your renewal by completing the basic information needed to set up your renewal in Tempo via the new web-based Pre-Renewal Form.
  2. Maxwell preps the employer portal for renewal in Tempo. This takes up to 2 business days.
  3. Leverage Tempo to set up the renewal at your own pace.
  4. Maxwell wraps up the renewal in Tempo. This takes up to 5 business days.

Yes, this means renewals are in Maxwell’s court for a total of 7 business days vs. the previous timeframe of up to 14 business days!

Here’s a quick video overview on the new workflow:


We encourage you to check out all the details, including tips for a successful renewal with Maxwell here.

Now, let’s talk through some details on the parts of the renewal that you’ll be completing.

Say hello to a convenient, web-based Pre-Renewal Form

This form replaces the Renewals Checklist Excel spreadsheet and mirrors our new portal implementation process, so it’s much simpler! On the Pre-Renewal Form, you’ll provide the basics about any renewing products and what’s changing. You’ll also tell us about any new and terming products.

Why you’ll love the Pre-Renewal Form: 

  • Similar to the Pre-Build Form, this form asks only those questions that are relevant, based on previous answers.
  • Don’t know the final open enrollment dates yet? Not to worry! The only info that’s required is what you’d typically have available at this point.
  • Saving the form online allows you to easily stop at any point and continue later by clicking Save and Continue at the top of the form.
  • You’ll be armed with the Output Summary from Tempo as you fill out the form, so you won’t have to wonder about your employer client’s current setup.

Tempo brings control and flexibility to your renewals

After Maxwell preps the employer portal for renewal, they’ll turn it over to you to complete the remaining setup at your own pace. Many of you have already told us how easy you’ve found it to implement new employers in Tempo. We just brought all those awesome features to the renewal setup!

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Easily identify your employer clients ready for renewal setup on your Tempo Dashboard.
  • Safeguards prevent you from making any changes to current year products.
  • Current product setup is automatically populated so you only need to enter info that’s changing.
  • Waiting on a final set of composite rates or contributions? Not a problem! Get started in Tempo and plug in the last details later.
  • When you’re done, double check your renewal setup using the Output Summary.

When do these changes start?

If you have any employer clients who are renewing in Q4, your Account Manager will be reaching out soon (at least 60 days before the renewal date). They’ll provide a project plan on your book of business, and include a link to the Pre-Renewal Form. 

If you’ve already submitted a Renewal Checklist, Maxwell will wrap this up with the current process. Starting October 6th, all renewals should be submitted via the Pre-Renewal Form following the new workflow. We appreciate your cooperation during this transition!

Attend an upcoming webinar

If you have any questions, you’re probably not alone! That’s why our awesome Senior Implementation Manager, Julie, is hosting a series of webinars on this topic. She’ll cover the entire new process and prepare you to tackle your Q4 renewals. Sign up today!

As always, your thoughts and suggestions help us continue to improve. Please keep them coming! Reach out to your Account Manager or our Implementation Team ( with any feedback or questions.