Remember how we updated the “New Hire” system email template a few weeks ago? We’ve been busy since then and updated these other frequently used email templates:

  • General Welcome
  • Welcome & Annual Open Enrollment
  • Open Enrollment Reminder
  • Kick off Annual Open Enrollment
  • Employee Confirmation of Benefits

Log into Maxwell today and check out these new templates in your Advisor portal under "E-mail Templates."

Email template improvements

In this day and age of information overload, it’s challenging to get your message across. That’s why we’ve updated our email templates to be simple and to the point, with a design that calls attention to the most important action. 

A few things we think you’ll love:

  • The call-to-action to set up their accounts is prominently featured as a button—employees can’t miss it
  • New copy lets them know what to expect in Maxwell once they get their accounts set up
  • If they’re still not sure what Maxwell’s all about, they can get a quick tour by watching a 90-second video
  • Like before, the email is personalized with information that’s in the Maxwell platform. Please do not edit these fields or they will not pull correctly.
    • {{user.nameFirst}} pulls the employee’s first name
    • {{enrollmentDate}} pulls the earliest “Available to Shop” end date of all the “Open” products the employee is eligible for
      • For example, if an employee has one “Open” product with a 10/15 “Available to Shop” end date, and one “Open” product with a 10/1 end date, the 10/1 date will pull
  • A new field, {{}}, pulls the employee’s username. This will help them log into Maxwell in case they’ve forgotten which email address was used to sign them up.

Update your customized version of these email templates with the new design

These new designs will not automatically replace any customized templates that you or your employer clients have created. We recommend you replace any customized versions you have with the new templates. 

Just follow these steps!:

Please note: We updated the email that an employee is sent automatically when they click Submit Enrollment in the shopping experience. This email cannot be customized, but here’s a preview:

Reach out to your Account Manager or our Customer Support Team at

FYI a similar article was posted to the Administrator Knowledge Base.