We know that great customer support isn’t just about answering questions. A big part of it is about providing users access to readily available information in a self-service format. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the Maxwell Health Employee Help Center! Now, if an employee needs help using the Maxwell platform, they can search the Help Center to easily find answers and explanations. 

As soon as you enter the Help Center, you’ll notice the content is organized by categories for easy browsing.

The homepage of the Help Center

Within each category, step-by-step tutorials include both images and text to accommodate all learning styles. Employees can navigate through the site by following the “Related Articles” displayed on the right-hand side of each individual article page.
One of many tutorials in the new Help Center

The FAQs section is based on the most common questions employees have.


How will employees access the Help Center?

Employees can easily find answers to their questions by clicking Help in Maxwell. They’ll see a link to the Help Center and a few popular articles.

Clicking Help in the employee view links directly to the Help Center

We also updated several of our system email templates to link out to to the Help Center.

See the link to the employee Help Center at the bottom of several system email templates

Of course, employees can still always contact Maxwell Customer Support by phone and email.

We’ll grow the Help Center over time to best serve our users, adding more articles as we gather insights and release new features in the employee experience. 

We hope this resource will make enrolling in benefits easy for employees and help you spend less time doing busy work. It should relieve you of answering employee questions like how to reset their Maxwell password. Now, you can focus on the more important stuff.

Any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to contact us at support@maxwellhealth.com.

By the way, a version of this article was also posted to the Admin Knowledge Base.