Starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 1st, you and your employer clients will be able to request a more user-friendly and streamlined Change Report! Designed specifically with your needs in mind, you’ll find this report is especially useful for submitting all employee information and elections to carriers after an annual Open Enrollment. The report only identifies demographic and product changes that need to be reported to carriers. 

Requesting the report

When you log into Maxwell, go to the “Change Report” tab in the Master Administrator view. This new view replaces the old "Change Report" view.


The report will show changes to employee information that occurred between the “Before Date” and the “After Date” that you specify. Simply click Submit Request and you (or whoever requested the report) will receive it via secure email within 1-2 business days.

  • If you’re looking for changes during an annual Open Enrollment, you should enter the day before your Open Enrollment Start Date as the “Before Date” and the day after your Open Enrollment End Date as your “After Date”
  • If you request the report while masquerading as a Master Admin, the report will be delivered to your email address, not the email address of the Master Admin

Why you'll love it

Some of our favorite things about this report:

  • It surfaces only the information that you and carriers actually need, making it easy to read and interpret.
  • Tabs have been simplified to more clearly delineate between demographic and product changes.
  • It includes a full file just on the employee's final information, great for sending clean data right to the carrier.
  • You can now submit employee information and elections to carriers without having to do much revision in Excel or run another report.

Note: You cannot request any information from before 9/20/2016.

Archived Change Reports
For those of you who have used the Change Report tool in the past, all the Change Reports that you've run before this change was implemented will be available for download on the "Change Report" tab under "Archived Change Reports."


This new Change Report simplifies the process of getting employee information and elections to carriers. We hope you’ll use this new report useful as your upcoming annual Open Enrollments come to a close! Down the line, we’ll be making this Change Report available for you and your Master Admins to run in Maxwell.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions! Contact your Account Manager or Customer Support at

FYI, a version of this article was also posted to the Admin Knowledge Base.