In case you missed it, here are a few updates to Tempo and Maxwell that we rolled out recently.

Cleaner employee view in Maxwell

The employee view in Maxwell is cleaner and more refined. With this refreshed look and feel, action items are pronounced so employees can be more confident in their next step. No functionality has been changed or added as part of this update. The overall view remains the same, it just has a fresh coat of paint!

New step-by-step instructions for Tempo census upload

Based on your feedback, we’ve updated the look and feel of the census view so you have more guidance when uploading a census to Tempo. The view also links out to newly updated knowledge article, especially useful for new Advisors uploading a census for the first time.

New drop-down prevents mistakes

If you had a product with a buy-up contribution scenario, you were previously asked to type in the name of the base plan. Now, that field is a drop-down and only displays relevant products. We’ve also reduced the number of fields you have to fill out on certain tabs.

Dashboard now defaults to “All Portals”

Now, when you log into Tempo and view the dashboard, all the portals for your brokerage will display, rather than only the portals you are the author of. You can still filter to just the portals you’re the author of by selecting My Portals under the “Portals” drop-down.

Updated language in tooltips and in the Portal Assistant

Based on your feedback, we’ve clarified language all over Tempo to be clearer and more helpful so you can finish your implementations and renewals faster.

Improvements to variations in Tempo

Variations now have more intelligent logic that lets you know when you don’t need to create another variation. Also, if the basic information between your variations for one product doesn’t match, you now won’t just be alerted, but also told exactly which fields are inconsistent.

Get directly to Tempo from Maxwell Health

Now, when you go to log into your Maxwell Advisor portal, you’ll see a “Take me to Tempo” link that redirects you to your Tempo login page.

Quickly view all your Advisors in Maxwell

If you’re a Master Advisor in Maxwell and work for a large brokerage, you need to be able to find your colleagues quickly in the list of Advisors. That’s why we’ve updated the “Advisors” view to be all on one page and in alphabetical order.

Questions? Reach out to (questions about Tempo) or (questions about Maxwell). Your Account Manager is also available to help!