We have a few exciting updates to our new forms functionality! These are relevant to any portals using the new forms functionality.

Set up EOI forms to send automatically

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, 12/20, you and your Admins will have the ability to set up an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form to send to employees automatically when they (or their spouse) confirm to enroll in a voluntary product with a coverage amount over the Guaranteed Issue (GI). The form will also send when the employee or spouse changes their coverage amount from at or below the GI, to above the GI.

If you already have an EOI form in an employer’s portal, this will be all set and ready to go tomorrow morning. Go to "Settings" for that form, and you’ll see that “Auto-Sending” has been turned on. If you’d prefer to send the form manually, you can always turn “Auto-Sending” off. 
Learn more here >

Please note, this EOI functionality will only work as described for standalone EOI forms. For example, if you have statement of health/EOI questions embedded into a carrier enrollment form, that form will be set up as an enrollment form and not an EOI form. So, the form will be sent whenever an employee enrolls in that product—regardless of whether or not they elect above GI.

Important transitional note: The EOI form will not send to any employees who have already confirmed their enrollment or changes in the related voluntary product (as in, they have checked out of shopping, or the product is in a status of “Confirmed”) when this functionality goes live on Tuesday, 12/20. You can still send these employees EOI forms using the “Send Forms” feature.

Note: You can set up EOI forms to send automatically in the old forms functionality using Product Assignments. Learn how >

Preview a blank version of the form straight from the forms dashboard

Now, you and your Admins can preview a blank version of any form on the forms dashboard. Just click Preview Form from the drop-down and a blank version of the form PDF will appear in a new tab, where it can be downloaded and printed.

Note: You can preview a blank form in the old forms functionality from the Forms Library.

Questions? We’re here to help! Contact us at support@maxwellhealth.com.