Your advocate can help with two main parts when it comes to bills: education and resolution.

A lot of people get bills they just don't understand. If you're on an HDHP for the first time in your life, you have benefits that are good or even great. But that out-of-pocket component can be daunting for folks. There's cases where you're dealing with a bill that's $1,500, and you think it can't possibly be right. Your advocate will get you through the process of dissecting that bill, and explain why things cost what they do. Your advocate can also help you think about what you can do next time to save money on a claim like that. 

For resolution, sometimes there are claims that get processed erroneously: for example, a procedure that was in-network may appear as out-of-network on your bill, or you get billed for a certain part of a procedure that wasn't done. Your advocate can check those type of things for you and save you a lot of money by making sure you aren't being overcharged or charged unnecessarily. Our advocates have saved people $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses with just one claim.