Depending on your insurance situation, it can save you and/or your company money. 

The average person saves around $600 just by talking to a health advocate. This average has a huge swing too -- this service has saved people thousands of dollars at once, by reducing out-of-pocket costs from $2500 to just $50 in one case. 

People have the impression that if they go to their regular hospital or doctor's office, the cost for a procedure is the same as anywhere else. But the cost discrepancy can actually be huge. You can get an MRI for $450 or one for $3000, and those may be across the street from each other. So, although you may have been referred to a certain provider by your doctor or someone else, a health advocate can give you an idea of what the more cost-effective options might be.

Your personal health advocate is uniquely positioned with the experience and savvy to take your information and all the resources they have to figure out what the best cost scenario will be for your situation.